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A Token

Posted on February 25, 2014 at 7:10 PM

  1. A few weeks ago, my son and his family visited us in South Carolina. It was great to get to spend a whole week with them. Our California granddaughter, Katherine is 6 years old and full of personality and energy. Although it was a challenge to keep up with her, it was quite entertaining just watching her.

    One day Katherine found a coin in my recliner. It wasn’t actually a coin; it was a token that I get from my gym to use in the massage chairs. Kathrine wasn’t sure what it was, but she held on to it just in case. I didn’t see the token again until I looked into the offering plate on Sunday morning. Sure enough there it was. I guess Katherine had used it for her offering that morning.

    I know that she gave it in the spirit of giving to the Lord and it did bless Katherine’s grandpa and grandma. The token is nearly worthless. It’s only of value at my gym and in the token-operated massage chairs. Even though it was sincerely given, I couldn't even count it in the offering.

    I did learn something from her offering, though. Too often we give tokens! I’m not talking just about the offering plate on Sunday. We can give token efforts as employees where we don’t give our best to our employer. With life being so busy, sometimes our families receive tokens from us. At church we sometimes do enough to fulfill the minimum effort to make us feel better and hopefully get us into heaven.

    However, we don’t have a token Savior! He’s given us His all. He should be able to expect more than a token from us! The best things we can do for the Lord and those we love is to be sure that they get the real thing from us. We need to be sure that our love, devotion and our time are much better than tokens!

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