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Not The Right One

Posted on September 15, 2014 at 3:29 PM
“Not the Right One”
From Pastor Ted Hambrick

When I was 4 or 5 years old my younger brother and I were in the front yard playing when a neighbor stopped to see my dad.  Mr. Duke stopped, spoke to me and my little brother and said, “I’m going have you come up and have supper with us and spend the night.”  I thought he was talking to both Jimmy and me.  
I don’t remember the two of us ever being invited to anybody’s house by ourselves at this time in our lives.  Sure enough a few days later Mr. Duke sent his sons down to pick us up, but they didn’t come for the both of us, they came for one of us.  So they guessed it must have been me.

I grabbed my stuff and climbed into the old pick-up truck and we went to the Duke home.  When we walked in, Mr. Duke looked at me and said, “That’s the wrong one.”  I wasn't the kid he wanted.  He wanted my little brother. He was younger and cuter, I guess. 

The Dukes talked among themselves and decided they might as well keep me since I was there. The truth is at that point I would rather that they had sent me home. I have to tell you the supper that I was looking forward to didn't taste nearly as good as I had anticipated. I guess when you discover you’re the wrong one; it kind of takes the flavor out of the pintos and cornbread. I don’t remember much of what took place that night other than I really wanted to go home.  

I slept between the two teenage boys. They didn't talk much, they just went to sleep.  I looked around the room and imagined that somebody might come and rescue me, but eventually I did fall asleep.  The next morning after breakfast, I climbed into the pick-up truck again with the two teen-aged sons and they took me back home.  

You know at home, even though there were a lot of us, I never felt like the wrong one.  We were loved and we loved each other.  

Later in life when I became a Christian, I felt at home in the Lord’s presence.  I knew that to the Lord, I was the right one!  I knew He loved me as much as anyone else in the big family of God.

The good news is that YOU ARE the right one, too!   He invites us all to his home, to His table and asks us to join His big family:  the Family of God!

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